Hi I’m Sarah!

I want to start off by saying thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to explore my site. I appreciate it more than you know! I wasn’t really sure what God was asking of me when He began laying this blog on my heart… and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure that I know now… I’m sort of just rolling with Him on this one- lol! It is my prayer that this blog would be an encouragement to all those that grace it’s pages but more importantly, I pray that every word I write would glorify Jesus Christ to the fullest extent possible!

Now I’m sure that for those of you who don’t know me personally, you would probably like to know a bit more about me! Well, my name is Sarah and I live for glorifying Jesus and growing in relationship with Him! I love being a wife to my husband Andrew and a mother to our two beautiful daughters Hannah and Abby! I enjoy homeschooling and being involved at our church here in Texas. I thoroughly enjoy God’s calling on my life to write and this blog is simply my obedience to do that!

One thing that I want everyone who reads this blog to know ahead of time is that I AM NOT PERFECT by any sense of the word- lol! I am a Christian saved by the grace of God and although I hope to be transformed daily into a greater likeness of Christ; I, like all Christians, are far from perfect! Although most of us have never met, I want you to know that I truly care for you and your story! It is my prayer that in spite of my blatant imperfections, at least a glimmer of the Truth that is found in Jesus would be found on these pages! May God Bless Us ALL as we read and write together!


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