The God Who Sees… Me?

‘So she called the name of the LORD who spoke to her, “You are ‘God who sees,’ because I have truly seen the One who looks after me.”‘– Genesis 16:13 ISV

Do you ever feel invisible? I don’t mean literally of course… but mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually? I sure have and must confess to you that I still do at times. Sometimes, its easy to start believing that we are walking through our struggles alone; and maybe we are to an extent… many of us hide our struggles from those around us out of fear… fear of judgment, fear of rejection, fear of pity, fear of weakness, fear of failure. On top of that, most of us also fail to surrender our problems to God. Then of course, there’s people like me who have to surrender his/her problems repeatedly because we have the habit of picking them back up again!!! Sigh… Some things aren’t an instant fix. There are certain issues, trials, tribulations, relationships, hurts, health issues, etc. that have to be laid down daily… or maybe you’re like me and have something that you have to lay down many times a day! Sigh again… Life is hard, can I get an Amen- lol?

I’ve often wrestled with feeling like no one truly understands my pain. The truth is, when it comes to people, that’s partially true; mainly because I tend to hide it but also because it seems impossible to fully understand the depth of another person’s experience. Even two people who experience the same thing have different genetic filters (physical and mental) that can affect how an experience will impact them. I share this truth, not because I want to make one person feel stronger than the other or make one person feel weaker than the other, but because I want us to realize that if someone we know is struggling in an area that happens to be our strength, we still have no right to tell them that its not hard. There is someone out there who’s strength is our worst weakness… it would crush us to hear them tell us that it’s not hard when it is. No one person is the same, though God has given us the ability to relate to and sympathize with one another… but only when we are willing to see each other through the eyes of God because only He sees what truly is!

The other day, I was having one of those hard days, the kind where you question if God really understands and if He truly sees you. So, I got honest with God and confessed that I was feeling as though my struggle had gone unseen! The key word there by the way is “Feeling”… few things have a greater tendency to lie to us than our feelings! We don’t always “feel” the truth!

In response to my confession, God spoke a Word of Encouragement straight to my heart! He said, “I see you Sarah when no one else does!” He then reminded me of Genesis 16:13 which says, “‘So she (Hagar) called the name of the LORD who spoke to her, “You are ‘God who sees,’ because I have truly seen the one who looks after me.”‘– Genesis 16:13

Later on in Genesis 21:8-21, we see Hagar in a very different frame of mind after being rejected and cast out into the desert with her only son. She was no longer looking for the “One Who Sees”, instead, she had lost all hope; placing her son far enough away from her so that she wouldn’t have to see him die; in tears, she closed her eyes and turned her head away. But the “The One Who Sees” didn’t… He never does! You see, God doesn’t just see us the way other people do. He sees us for WHO we really are, and WHERE we really are– the good, the bad, and the ugly! He saw Hagar’s misery in the desert in the same way that He sees us in the midst of our struggles… and it moves Him to compassion!

He sees the struggling mother or father who just can’t seem to measure up to their own expectations; He sees the spouse trying to hold their marriage together; He sees the man or woman struggling to find a job; He sees the man or woman trying to forgive infidelity; He sees the one who is bound up in the chains of addictive sin; He sees the man or woman suffering a physical illness, disease, or disorder; He sees the man or woman forced to make the choice to end an un-godly pre-marital relationship; He sees the one grieving the loss of a loved one; He sees the parent struggling to repair broken relationships; He sees the child struggling to forgive abuse, lack of love, or feelings of rejection; He sees the person struggling with fear and anxiety; He sees the person struggling with mental illness and/or the label of it; He sees the starving and the thirsty; He sees the persecuted and the enslaved; and He see’s the one striving to earn God’s approval and grace, which can’t be done. I pray that I didn’t leave anything out, but if I did, please know that God sees you too! He sees every suffering! He not only has created purpose for it, but one glorious day, He will also avenge our sorrows… every last one of them!

The enemy loves our hardships because he knows that he can use them to tell us lies! One thing I know for certain, if Satan’s mouth is moving, he’s lying. He loves to condemn those in the body of Christ because that condemnation sets itself up like a wall between us and Jesus! You see it’s not the sin that separates us from Him anymore… Jesus took care of that on the cross… the only thing that can separate us from God now is when we decide to give the enemy our ear and agree with him and his condemnation! The enemy is constantly talking… and talking loudly too… He will lie to you about every area of your life… your salvation, your health, your marriage, your kids, your friendships, your finances, and most of all… he will tell you that God doesn’t care and that He’s not with you… but I am here to tell you and myself that in the Name of Jesus… HE IS WITH YOU! He is the “God Who Sees” us… but He not only sees our sufferings, He also carries us through them! He will neither leave or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5); in fact, He goes before us, making a way… even into suffering (Deuteronomy 31:8)!

If you’re facing a tough time right now regardless of what it is, trust that God sees you intimately; in fact, He sees things that even you can’t, including how it all turns out- lol! Don’t lose hope… Trust Him! Find your rest in knowing that even if the entire world forgets about you and your pain… God never will! God Bless You Friends!


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